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Welcome to Kevelek Gundogs.

Kevelek is a small kennel and has Springers and Cockers for working, stud and occasional litters.

All of the dogs are DNA health tested clear for the recommended breed specific diseases. 

The dogs enjoy their exercise in the woods, reclaimed heath and sandy beaches that are on the doorstep. 

I am now offering Gundog Training after being asked by several people if I would help train their dogs to

the standard required for working on a commercial shoot.

If you wish to visit to meet the dogs please feel free to contact me.


Seren was the first Working Cocker here at 

Kevelek. She came from a family home at 6 months

old and was typical of the breed, affectionate, fun 

loving, intelligent and driven to work.

Now passionate about the breed, Kevelek has 

added several more Cockers in the past few years. 

Springer Spaniels too, are an equal part of 

Kevelek, loved for their enthusiastic nature, work 

ethic and general goofiness! 

The dogs work during the shooting season, beating,

picking up and rough shooting.

All the dogs are DNA profiled and tattooed 

Why Kevelek?

Historically Cocker Spaniels were bred and used

for flushing game especially Woodcock.

This is where the name 'Cocker' is thought to


Being in Cornwall I decided to choose a

Cornish kennel name and the Cornish word for

Woodcock is 'Kevelek'

Kevelek = woodcock KC assured breeders

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